Epson SureColor F1070 DTF & DTG Printer

Epson SureColor F1070 DTF & DTG Printer

in DTF Printers, DTG Printers on February 13, 2024

Epson SureColor F1070 Review: Top Hybrid DTF & DTG Printer for Small Businesses & Creative

The Epson SureColor F1070 DTF & DTG Printer marks a significant addition to the digital textile printing landscape, offering a versatile and compact solution for both direct-to-garment (DTG) and direct-to-film (DTFilm) printing.

This review delves into its features, design, and functionality, highlighting why it’s an appealing option for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and small business owners.

Key Features

  • Type: Combines DTG and DTF printing capabilities.
  • Price: At a list price of $6,995, it’s positioned as a cost-effective solution for the home printing and Etsy market segments.
  • Ink System: Utilizes Epson’s UltraChrome® DG2 inks in 250 mL pouches, which are notable for their environmental compliance with Oeko-Tex ECO Passport and ECOCERT Global Organic Textile Standard.
  • Printhead Technology: Features the PrecisionCore® Micro TFP® printhead with Nozzle Verification Technology, ensuring consistent print quality and reliability.
  • Design and Usability: Offers a compact form factor with large windows for process viewing, interior lighting, and a flat top surface that doubles as a workspace.


  • Versatility: The F1070 is adept at handling both light and dark shirts, offering creative flexibility.
  • Compactness: Designed for small workspaces, it’s ideal for home-based businesses and Etsy sellers.
  • Ease of Use: Includes tools for easy garment loading and automatic height adjustments for materials up to 1” thick, simplifying the printing process.
  • Quality and Maintenance: The Nozzle Verification Technology minimizes the need for printhead cleaning, focusing on productivity and print quality.

Design and Build

The SureColor F1070 sports a clean, elegant design that complements any work decor. Its large windows and interior light enhance visibility during the printing process, making it not just a functional tool but also a piece of professional equipment that invites interest and interaction.


The inclusion of Epson’s PrecisionCore® Micro TFP® printhead technology and UltraChrome® DG2 inks ensures high-quality prints with vibrant colors and sharp details.

The ability to add a white ink layer enhances the pop of graphics on light-colored shirts, broadening the scope of creative projects.

Market Position

Epson’s introduction of the SureColor F1070 addresses a previously unmet need in the market for an entry-level, versatile printer capable of DTG and DTF printing.

This printer opens up new opportunities for small businesses and individuals looking to expand their product offerings or enter the garment decorating market without the need for large-scale production capabilities.

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Epson SureColor DTF & DTG Printer Series Specifications and Pricing Guide

1. Epson SureColor F1070: The Entry-Level Innovator for Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Type: Direct-to-Garment (DTG) & Direct-to-Film (DTFilm) Printer
  • Launch Date: January 19, 2024
  • Shipping Begins: May 2024
  • Designed For: Entrepreneurs and creative professionals seeking entry-level printing solutions.
  • Price: $6,995
  • Key Features:
    • CMYK +White printing for vibrant, detailed designs.
    • Compact design that fits comfortably on a desktop or workbench.
    • Large windows with interior light for monitoring the printing process.
    • Flat top surface doubles as a workspace for additional utility.
    • Automatic height adjustments for materials up to 1” thick.
    • PrecisionCore® Micro TFP® printhead with Nozzle Verification Technology for consistent print quality.
    • Uses UltraChrome® DG2 inks in 250 mL pouches, compliant with Oeko-Tex ECO Passport and ECOCERT Global Organic Textile Standard.
  • Target Market: Perfect for home printing, Etsy stores, and small businesses eager to explore DTG printing.
  • Additional Comments: A compact and sleek design enhances any workspace, supporting both garment and film printing. Designed for ease of maintenance and continuous creativity.

2. Epson SureColor F2270: The Flexible Solution for Growing Businesses

  • Type: Hybrid DTG Printer
  • Price: $16,995
  • Designed For: Small businesses and home-based operations focusing on versatile, high-quality printing.
  • Features: Inherits the advanced PrecisionCore® Micro TFP® printhead with Nozzle Verification Technology from its family, ensuring top-notch print quality.
  • Target Market: A step above the F1070, aimed at businesses needing a hybrid solution for both small and medium-volume printing tasks.
  • Additional Comments: Serves as a versatile option for those needing more capability than the entry-level F1070 but not the full scale of the F3070. It’s ideal for businesses on the cusp of expansion.

3. Epson SureColor F3070: The Ultimate High-Production Workhorse

  • Type: High-Production Garment Printer
  • Price: $59,995
  • Designed For: Professional print shops demanding unparalleled volume and efficiency.
  • Features: Though specifics are not detailed, it is expected to incorporate cutting-edge features for maximized efficiency and throughput.
  • Target Market: Tailored for high-volume, professional print shops that prioritize productivity and quality above all.
  • Additional Comments: Represents the pinnacle of professional-grade garment printing, offering the highest capacity and efficiency for large scale operations.

Ultimate Guide to Epson SureColor F1070 Ink Packs: Pricing and Features Overview

Epson SureColor F1070 DTF & DTG Printer Ink Prices

Key Points:

  • High-Performance Ink: UltraChrome DG2 ink delivers crisp, vibrant prints with excellent color saturation and high white opacity, suitable for a broad range of cotton and cotton-polyester blends.
  • Convenience: These inks come in sealed, cartridge-free 250 mL packs, making them easy to use and replace.
  • Certifications: The inks are OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified and approved by ECOCERT according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring they are safe for adults, children, including infants, and meet high environmental and health standards.
  • Exclusive Design: Specifically designed for the SureColor® F1070 direct-to-garment printers, these inks ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Essential Accessories for Epson SureColor F1070: Pricing and Features Detailed

Epson SC F1070 Accessories Prices

Key Insights:

  • Versatility in Printing: The availability of different platens (Extra Small, Sleeve, Small) allows users to print on various garment sizes and sections, from small sleeves to larger T-shirts.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Products like the Head Maintenance Set, Maintenance Box, Wiper Unit, and specific cleaning and maintenance liquids are crucial for the printer’s routine upkeep, ensuring it operates efficiently and produces high-quality prints.
  • Pretreatment Solutions: The Cotton Pretreat Concentrate is essential for preparing garments for printing, particularly cotton and cotton blends, which are common materials in garment printing.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Each accessory serves to either expand the printer’s capabilities or to ensure its longevity and reliability, indicating a well-thought-out ecosystem surrounding the SureColor® F1070 printer.

Conclusion : Epson SC F1070 DTF & DTG Hybrid Printer

The Epson SureColor F1070 is a notable addition to the digital textile printing market, particularly for those entering the field or looking to expand their creative and product offerings.

Its combination of compact design, versatile printing capabilities, and cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option for small businesses, home-based entrepreneurs, and Etsy sellers.

With its launch, Epson reinforces its commitment to providing innovative, accessible printing solutions that cater to a wide range of needs and aspirations in the digital textile printing domain.

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